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Protect Racha
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In 2014 government of Georgia, together with Russian and Turkish energo-companies started ground preparational process for building chain of hydroelectric stations in Georgia’s one of mountainous regions – Racha, what beside the unique sorts of grapes – Aleqsandrouli and Mujuretuli in tandem making famous wine Khvanchkara, would harm Middle Ages monasteries with the high humidity, forests and rivers including Red Book flora and fauna and would prove migration of the people from the villages populating mountain borderline with Russian Federation. Even though analogues mistake has already appeared in Georgia’s newest history, when by signing the contract, ministry of culture gave full rights to the local company to demolish oldest gold mines site in favor of gold digging continuation over the region in general. Together with several friends and subsequently group of same minded people, we started series of demonstrations and public activities to protect Racha from sinking in the artificial lakes and save heritage we think belongs to humanity. At the moment government announced that the ground is not proper for the building, however Irakli Sardanashvili – one of core members of the whole thing, is having a 5 years suspended sentence and 4 years of driving prohibition for possessing x amount of hashish containing 0,03 gr. thc.