single channel video, color, sound, 04:58 min. 2013

Navigating through the social media, I met the link saying – papal elections are close to its end and soon the world will have the new pope. Upcoming breaking news of the day touched me, and while waiting for champions league matchday, I decided to follow the event. Of course Twitter stream is the best, so I looked for #pope and soon after, was literary flowed with the different sort of information about the pope and his, by the time happened election. It drew me to the idea that current pope – Francis, is the first so to say social media discovered, attended and openly discussed pope, as by Benedict XVI elections not Twitter neither Facebook weren’t existing. St. Peter’s square moved to and emancipated itself in the cyber reality. Keeping in mind example from the video art inventors, I decided to record the feed of new pope arrival, to emphasize some interesting tweets, and more or less to write alternative, social biography of Francis and how he was taken by the worldwide society.