Color of Piece

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curator. Frans Zwartjes Show

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I Know I’ll be Back

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Two Spectators

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White Territory

White Territory
journey to the center of South Caucasus
single channel video, color, sound, 06:00 min. 2009
in collaboration with Bessa Kartlelishvili, Ed Gfrerer, Edward Marshal

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Red, Black, White and Purple

Red, Balck, White and Purple
single channel video, color, sound, 01:27 min. 2011

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SilentMode – CL Draw

Silent Mode: CL Draw
single channel video, color, sound, 08:39 min. 2013

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Binz Party

Binz Party
single channel video, color, sound, 12:24 min. 2013

Anyone after being at Binz, can easily notice much bigger scale, naturally created the same structure of /chaos/ as certain artists are setting also on commercial level successful pieces.
What is aesthetics and how far understanding of it can go? Zurich’s biggest and […]

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single channel video, color, sound, 04:58 min. 2013

Navigating through the social media, I met the link saying – papal elections are close to its end and soon the world will have the new pope. Upcoming breaking news of the day touched me, and while waiting for champions league matchday, I decided to follow the […]

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single channel video, color, sound, 04:45 min. 2013

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