Binz Party
single channel video, color, sound, 12:24 min. 2013

Anyone after being at Binz, can easily notice much bigger scale, naturally created the same structure of /chaos/ as certain artists are setting also on commercial level successful pieces.
What is aesthetics and how far understanding of it can go? Zurich’s biggest and long ran autonomous zones, Binz raised the question one more time on announced last party, consequently converted into solidarity parade and violent demonstration with involved police forces.
Seven years after its foundation, Zurich’s one of the most distinctive underground places is forced to shut its doors around late spring — early summer of 2013 due to cantonal real estate office decision in favor of under design phase being Hospital plan.
Street clashes started after demonstrators passed through the police station covering walls with the different stencils on their way. Face to face meeting of the crowed with the police provoked tear gas and fire shower interactions which was spread across the city causing damage of numerous corporative branches. However, it appeared that reasonable part of society haven’t heard about the last night happenings, perhaps partly because of through the next days observed utterly passive media reaction.